Tangled Web of Love Review

Hey Fellow Readers!

 I am really excited about the review I am going to be sharing with you today! It’s called Tangled Web of Love, and it is by one of my favorite authors Joanne Rawson. I have loved every single book this author has put out, and this one made me fall in love with her writing again! This book is out of Joanne’s comfort zone, which she states herself, but this book is so in depth and you get not one story but multiple stories.

Book description taken from Goodreads:

 “Faith formed a unique relationship with her boyfriend, Paul. They liked their independence, doing what they wanted without consulting the other, and they had never said those three significant words, I love you, which none of their friends or family could quite understand. However, there is one complication in their relationship—Paul’s snobbish father, who thought Faith an unsuitable lady friend for his son. In fear that his son would marry Faith and interbreed, he demanded Paul stop seeing her.

When Paul suddenly does a disappearing act, Faith decides whatever it was between her and Paul was over. He could come back on bended knee, begging and kicking, but there wasn’t a chance in hell this time they would get back together. However, when Paul returns unannounced, he finds Faith in the arms of another man.
What happens next is a tangled web of double dating, secrecy, sexual favors, and betrayal”

Now I will warn you, this book does have sex scenes in them, so age restriction required, but reading this book is so worth it! The best thing I loved about this book is that instead of reading from only one character’s point of view, you get to read from every single characters point of view. To me this gives the story a more in-depth approach. Not only do you get to see the story from one point of view but you get to see it from several points of view. You get to feel every characters emotions, and develop love hate relationships with them. Plus Joanne keeps you guessing until the last page on what is going to happen next. What I also loved about this story is that all the female characters are relatable to real life, and you get to form a connection with them.

I have definitely dated some crap guys in my life, and this story made me think about them but in a good way. If you are struggling to come to terms with a relationship, than you need to read this book, because it may put some things in perspective for you, like it did me. 

Dive into secrecy and a tangled web of love readers!


Book image taken from Goodreads.

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