Quotes For Book Nerds

Happy Thursday Everyone!

  I am always scrolling through Pinterest and seeing all these accurate book quotes that I relate to on every level. So, I have decided to compile some of them here and share my favorites with you, as a way to bring something new to my blog. I love reading, because it allows you to leave the real world, and go on an adventure to many different places. It helps you relax and lets all the stress of the day melt way while you read. Plus, depending on what kind of book you are reading, you can figure some things out about yourself and relationships. Books are a way to escape, a way for you to have a relationship with a fictional character (yes it is probably crazy, but come on you can’t honestly tell me you haven’t fallen in love with one or many in my case 😁), and to just get a way from life for a little bit. Here are a few ones I found on Pinterest from various boards that I relate to, and I hope you do too!

When the main character makes a stupid decision and you have to stop reading just to calm yourself down
The worst part about finishing a book is having to find another that was just as…
Sad! They don't know they are missing.

yes I read book, and yes I live in a crazy fantasy world

Reading is magical...

Just do it. You don't have to be like that character, for me is good enough to even read my favorite book ♥

So my best friend and I are falling in love with Kili from the Hobbit...... But before that it was ALWAYS DAVID TENNANT AS THE DOCTOR

The first fictional character I had a crush on was Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, and my latest one is Ramos from The Shelby Nichols Adventure series. Between you and me though Mr. Darcy will always be my favorite, even though he started out as a snobby meanie, he did things in the end to make the woman he loved happy, and that’s all that matters! I hope you enjoyed these quotes!

Now go dive into a book and have a brand new adventure!

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