Fun Facts about Charlotte Bronte

Hey Readers!

 Today I wanted to showcase some more fun facts about another one of my favorite authors, Charlotte Bronte. She is the author of the amazing Jane Eyre, as well as other amazing works. When I read Jane Eyre, I fell in love with the story telling and of course the brooding Mr. Rochester. I honestly don’t know a lot about Charlotte’s life, and wanted to find some facts to share with you today, so we can all learn about this amazing author together.

  • She was born on April 21, 1816
  • She had five siblings
  • She was able to see and read better in the dark, than she was in the light
  • She was a teacher for a time, but actually despised it
  • She was only about four and a half feet tall
  • The school in Jane Eyre is based on her and her sisters experiences while in a school just like it
  • If she was alive today she would be 201 years old
  • Her sisters wanted her to make the character of Jane Eyre beautiful, thinking the public wouldn’t embrace a plain looking heroine, however she refused to change Jane’s appearance
  • She was proposed to four different times, and turned down every single one of them
  • She married Arthur Nicholls, and eight months after her wedding 
  • She wrote stories with her siblings based on her brother Bramwell’s toy soldiers
  • She outlived her parents and her siblings
  • She wrote a book of poetry with her sisters Anne and Emily
  • When she published Jane Eyre under the name Currer Bell, it was an instant success
  • She spoke with an Irish accent
  • Her father was slightly paranoid and carried a pistol everywhere
There are a lot more intersting facts about Charlotte Bronte if you would like to know more, all you have to do is Google. The sites were I found the above facts can be found at:
Image result for Charlotte bronte images

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