2019 Goals For My Blog

Hey Guys!

  So I know I am a little slow in getting this out, but better late than never, and I had to think about what I wanted from this blog. I also had to sit down and think about why I started this blog in the first place. The reason I started the blog is because I love reading, and want to share my love of reading with fellow readers. But when you think about it the only way that you can reach fellow readers, you have to get your blog out there. I started figuring this out, and noticed that I needed to be active on more social media sites, where I can hopefully bring more people to my blog. I also started following fellow bloggers on Twitter, and when they started doing blog follows, pintrest follows, Facebook, and Instagram follow posts I started to participate in this as well. I also learned about Bloglovin through those posts, and found that I could connect my Bloglovin profile to my blog, which has helped a lot. I don’t have a lot of followers on my blog as of now, but that is what goal setting is for.

So without further waiting, my blog goals for 2019 are as follows:

  1. Get more followers to follow my blog
  2. Be more active on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook
  3. Reach out to more authors in my posts by tagging them in Twitter posts. This is to help get my reviews out there and get more people interested in my blog
  4. Try to get on WordPress, because this seems like the most popular outlet for bloggers
  5. Make more time between work to work on my blog and research how to get my blog out in the universe
  6. Make business cards with my blog information on it, and pass them out to authors when I go to Comic Cons to get more attention
  7. See if I can continue doing my blog on blogspot, and have a WordPress blog going at the same time (I am going to test this theory, but may have to figure out which one works better, if I can’t keep up with both of them)
  8. Figure out more interesting, book related things to blog about on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I don’t do book reviews
These goals are to help make my blog successful and get it out in the wide world of the internet. I also want to read more books throughout the year, so I can get more book reviews out there. I am going to work hard on these goals, because I want to make this blog as successful as possible, but I also have to understand that it may not get a lot of followers, which is okay because I am doing something I love and am passionate about. Reading books and writing are two of my passions and I am so happy that I get to do both with this blog!
Happy New Year Everyone! 
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