Agatha Christie Fun Facts

Happy Tuesday!

 Today I decided to do another fun facts about an author post, since I have done one in a while. Today I am going to be providing fun facts about Agatha Christie, who is known to be one of the best mystery writers. Not a lot of people know a lot about Agatha Christie, and I hope that some of the facts I provide today will help people understand her and read more of her books.

Let’s get this list party started!

  • The first novel she ever written she wrote on a dare from her sister.
  • Her character Hercule Poirot was based on a strange man she saw one day, when he was boarding a bus.
  • She once disappeared for 10 days without telling anyone where she was going. Turns out she just went to a spa to have some time away from her relationship.
  • She loved to surf with her husband.
  • She didn’t like taking author photos, because she didn’t want to be recognized in public.
  • You can actually rent her home for $500 a night.
  • She was educated at home by her mother and her governess.
  • She is the only female dramatist ever to have had three plays running simultaneously in London’s West End.
  • In 1922 she traveled around the world.
  • She was a huge dog lover.
  • When her male detective Hercule Poirot “died” he was given a full page obituary in the New York Times.
  • Green was her favorite color.
  • On the day she died the West End theaters dimmed their lights for one hour.
  • For many years she was the President of the local amateur drama society in Wallingford.
  •  In 1931 she read one of her own stories on BBC radio.
  • She was the first crime writer to have 100,000 copies of ten of her titles published by Penguin on the same day in 1948 – A Penguin Million.
I hope that some of these facts about Agatha Christie helped interest you in her as an author. I have read a couple of her books and couldn’t put them down, because with her writing you don’t know who the murderer is until the very end when she wants the reader to know the truth, and how the murder was committed.

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