Why I Don’t Have A Favorite Genre

Happy Thursday!

 Today I decided to do a different post than what I have done before. I always get the question posed to me of what my favorite genre is, and I honestly have to say I love every type of genre. I love reading YA, Romance, Historical Fiction, Biography, Memoirs, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fiction, True Crime, Mystery, recently getting more into poetry, and lots more categories. I know that some people do have a favorite genre, and honestly that is okay. I have learned that a lot of people only like to read certain books, and that is fine. As long as you love what your reading, and your reading than there is nothing wrong with it. My grandfather for example loves reading classics and biographies.It’s just that I am slightly more different in deciding what I am going to read.

The first thing that draws me to a book is honestly the cover. When I see a cover that draws me in, I pick up the book and read the description. If the description seems really interesting to me than I will buy the book. However, even through a book does have a pretty cover, after reading the description my attention isn’t caught than I won’t buy the book, and will place it back on the shelf. I have also started to download samples of books on my Kindle that I maybe on the fence about, so I can see if it’s a story that will capture my attention, before I spend the money to buy the book.

I also have to be in the mood to read a certain type of book, which I have learned is okay, because I know when the mood strikes I will have the chance to enjoy it. By doing this I have actually discovered many books that I have absolutely fallen in love with, and some I haven’t really liked. I also love recommendations that are provided to me by co-workers and friends, which have also led me to authors that I have fallen in love with, and continue to read them when they put new books out.

Now granted, when I read biographies, they are normally on topics that I am interested in, however I am open to reading other one’s it’s just that I know these books will catch my attention more. It is also in my opinion that if I would have settled only on one genre than I would have missed so many amazing books and I would have missed so many amazing adventures that I have been on.

If you are like me and read any book that grabs your attention, no matter what genre it is, know that it is okay not to have a favorite, and it is okay to tell people I like every genre. When you love every genre, you get to go on so many adventures, and learn things you never knew before. Reading is a journey to various places with no end, and allows you to escape reality with each turn of the page. As long as we have books, and people love what they read, then no judgement should be passed on people who chose to live several lives. Never be embarrassed  by what you are reading. If you love it than you go ahead and read until your little heart is content. Don’t afraid to be who you are and to read what you want, because you may just find your reading soulmate!

Enjoy the various journeys my friends!

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