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Epic Escape Review

Happy Friday Everyone!!

There is nothing like an amazing Friday to get you excited for the weekend! I decided to finish the week off with a fun read, that had me laughing until the very end. Epic Escape by Emily Evans takes the reader on an epic movie adventure, when her four main characters get sucked into a movie. Sounds crazy I know, but come on you can’t tell me that you never wished to experience your favorite movie first hand!

The description was taken from the Goodreads website:

“Are you wearing something your mom picked out?

Do you need a way better date than the one seated beside you?

Yep, you need an Epic Escape…
Megan and Veronica watch the latest slasher flick while seated one row away from the two hottest guys in school. That’s when magic hits them, sucking the four seniors right into the film. Trapped, they race through genres fighting slashers, vampires, superbugs and hoop skirts.

If they ever want to see home again, and maybe get a date out of this, it’s time for an Epic Escape.”

When High School seniors, Meghan and Veronica, get sucked into the movie with two hot guys from their school, they don’t know what to think. The four teens have to find a way to survive each movie level that makes them face their biggest fear. To survive they will have to overcome their fear, the monsters in the movies, and trust each other to figure out how to get back home. The reader is taken on an adventure right along with the characters as they experience different genres of movies. They will learn a lot about each other, and there maybe even an underline of romance attached to this adventure. When the fun and games are over will they find their way home or will they be stuck in the movie forever?

This book was very imaginative, and made me wish that I could jump into some of my favorite movies, which don’t include killers, because I honestly think I would be too scared to beat them. The way Emily creates this amazing world will leave you breathless, and you get to experience practically four stories in one. If you love movies, reading, and just a fun read than you need to read this book, if you haven’t already.

Have fun getting sucked into a movie readers!



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