Edgar Allen Poe Fun Facts

Hey Guys!

So I haven’t done an author fun fact post in awhile, and decided that I was going to do a new post. Today I decided to list some fun facts about Edgar Allen Poe, who was a short story and poems author. I will admit I haven’t read any of his poetry, but they are definitely on my to read list.

Let’s get this list started!

  • He is credited as being the trailblazer for short stories
  • He is considered America’s first well known professional writer
  • His parents are believed to have named him after a Shakespeare character
  • When he was four his parents died, and he was taken in by a wealthy family
  • He published his first book when he was 18 years old
  • When he was 27 he married his first cousin who was only 13 at the time
  • He dabbled in Cryptography
  • His last name at birth wasn’t Allen, however he was given the name after the wealthy family took him in after his parents died
  • His death is still a mystery to this day
  • He was born on January 19, 1809
  • His mother was Elizabeth Arnold Poe
  • Edgars’s father, David, was an alcoholic and abandoned Edgar and his two siblings after Elizabeth’s death. He supposedly died 2 days later
  • He was obsessed with cats, and even wrote with a cat sitting on his shoulder
  • He is created for defining the first short story
  • He originally was going to use a parrot instead of a raven
  • In 1848 after his wife’s death in 1847, Poe attempted to commit suicide by ingesting opiates

I hope you learned some new things about Edgar Allen Poe that you didn’t already know. I know I sure learned a lot about this famous author!

Facts taken from the below websites:




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