Why I Don’t Write Bad Reviews

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I saw another book blogger doing this and I decided that it was a good idea to do a post like this. I pride myself on being honest when it comes to book reviews, and the books that I have revived are my honest opinions. However, some people may be wondering why all the books I have reviewed I have given glowing reviews of, and why I haven’t blogged about books I haven’t liked. It’s not that I haven’t liked any books, because their are several I read that I didn’t care too much for, but I didn’t finish them, which is why I haven’t reviewed them.

I choose not to do bad reviews, because if I don’t like a book, there is a chance that I will either skip to the end of it to see if it is worth continuing or I will just stop reading it. I don’t think it is fair to an author, who spent time writing their book, for me to write a review that could cause someone not to pick it up, when I didn’t even finish it to begin with. I have come across some reviews on Goodreads, where the readers who didn’t like an authors book, attacks the author, and I am not okay with that.

I understand if you don’t like the story or something, but don’t rip apart the person who wrote it or speculate about them because you didn’t like their book. I will admit I give one star to some books I have read on Goodreads, but that’s as far as it goes. I didn’t create this post to say that providing bad reviews of a book is bad, because in all honestly everyone has an opinion that should be respected. I just wanted to let everyone know that I don’t write bad reviews, and probably won’t. The reviews I do are books that I absolutely loved, and could read over and over again.

I have respect for every blogger out there, who want to share their passion with the world, and all I have to say is keep writing the truth in your heart!

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8 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Write Bad Reviews”

  1. Same goes for my blog 🙂 if I don’t finish a book, how do I know that the last half didn’t just begin to be amazing? Even as unlikely as that is, just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean no one else will. And if someone is intrigued by the blurb or cover, who am I to dissuade them?


    1. Exactly. I have seen people respond to bad reviews on goodreads and because one person didn’t like it, they have said they won’t read it. We all have different tastes in books and we may let a good book pass us by. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I feel the same way. Just because I don’t like something, doesn’t mean someone else won’t. I also noticed that I think I rate more for content than writing style.


    1. I rate more for content too, but I also love those books where the author sucks the reader into the story, and you just lose yourself. Where fictional places become real and characters become your friends. To me that’s when I know I fell in love with a book!

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  3. I share the same sentiment and as I tend to choose to read books that I am generally certain to like, all of my reviews are positive too. My express goal is to spread the joy of reading. My reviews reflect that. I also tens not to rate a book a 1 or 2 on Goodreads. A book that wasn’t for me might be someone else’s favorite. You’re making me think I should blog about this too. Thanks for sharing.


    1. No problem. I saw this on someone else’s blog and thought it was a good post to do. I also like how you said just cuz we don’t like a book it maybe someone else’s favorite. I know I have actually read some books that people gave bad reviews to on Goodreads and I absolutely loved it. I think we all just have certain tastes which is totally fine. I love to read and the reason I created my blog is to share my love of reading, and just maybe help someone find their next book that they absolutely love!

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  4. I agree! I also felt the need to explain myself in a recent review. Like you, I simply skip books I don’t like and wanted that out there so people would trust what I did like. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.


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