Anne Bronte Fun Facts

Hey Guys!

Today I decided to do another post with author fun facts. This time I decided to do a post about Anne Bronte, who isn’t as known as her sisters. I wanted to learn more about her, because it seems that you can find a lot of things about Charlotte but not Anne. I hope some of these facts help you learn about another Bronte sister, who deserves to be as known as her sisters.

Let’s get this list started:

  • She was known as the less talented and meeker Bronte sister
  • She wrote a book of poetry with her sisters, Charlotte and Emily
  • She was born on January 17, 1820
  • She wrote her novel Agnes Grey based on her experiences as a governess
  • She died of tuberculous
  • Both novels that she wrote are said to have feminist themes
  • She left her home at the age of 19 to work as a governess
  • She was only 29 when she died
  • She is the youngest Bronte child
  • It is believed that she may have had a stutter of speech impediment
  • George Moore declared that “if Anne Brontë had lived ten years longer, she would have taken a place beside Jane Austen, perhaps even a higher place”
  • She was educated at a boarding school
  • It is said that she was closest to her sister Emily
  • Her books are primarily concerned with morality; she is preoccupied with the ethical principles which, for good or ill, govern human behavior

These are a few facts that I was able to find about Anne. I did learn one thing though, there are more facts on the internet about Charlotte than there are Anne. I hope that the above facts that I found on several sites helped give you a better insight into who Anne Bronte was!

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7 thoughts on “Anne Bronte Fun Facts”

  1. These are really interesting, I never knew anything about Anne Bronte. It’s so sad that despite Anne having a talent for writing too she’s not as well known and there’s little about her. Thanks for bringing this to light otherwise I never would have learned about her!


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