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Typewriter Girl Review

Happy Wednesday Readers!

Today I am going to be reviewing a book that I read not knowing a lot about it, and it turned out that I loved it. The Typewriter Girl by Alison Atlee, is an amazing historical adventure of one woman’s journey to find love and independence.

The review for this book was taken from the Goodreads website:

“A passionate historical debut novel about a young woman in turn-of-the-century England who finds love and independence at a seashore resort.

In Victorian London, there’s only so far an unmarried woman can go, and Betsey Dobson has relied on her wits and cunning to take herself as far as she can—to a position as a typewriter girl. But still, Betsey yearns for something more…so when she’s offered a position as the excursions manager at a seaside resort, she knows this is her chance for security, for independence, for an identity forged by her own work and not a man’s opinion. Underqualified for the job and on the wrong side of the aristocratic resort owner, Betsey struggles to prove herself and looks to the one person who can support her new venture: Mr. Jones, the ambitious Welshman building the resort’s pleasure fair. As she and Mr. Jones grow ever closer, Betsey begins to dream that she might finally have found her place in the world—but when her past returns to haunt her, she must fight for what she’s worked so hard…or risk losing everything.

This eloquent debut novel displays firm propriety barely restraining seething passion—a sizzling combination reminiscent of Downton Abbey.”

Betsey knows that she is worth more than what the men say about her. She sets out on a daring adventure to prove to herself and everyone along the way that she is just as strong as her male co-workers. What she doesn’t expect is to find love along her journey. When Betsey starts to have everything fall into place for her, she learns the hard way, that the past always comes back. Can Betsey keep her independence and her new love or will she fail and prove to everyone that she is not as strong as she feels?

This book is set in a time where women were seen as inferior to men, although that still seems to be happening today. Alison brings the reader into the story, and makes you root for Betsey to get everything she wants. You feel a deep connection to Betsey and get to see just how hard it was for women back than. When I was reading it, this book helped me find my inner strength, and made me proud to be a woman. Women are just as strong and capable as men, and with Betsey’s journey you get to see just how far a woman can go. This is a must read for anyone who loves history, and loves a great story where a character finds their true inner strength.

Go on an adventure to discover your inner strength my friends!


Image taken from the Goodreads website.


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