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Anne Frank: The Biography Review

Happy Wednesday!

In keeping with my biography review theme I got going on this week, I decided to do a review on a biography that has stayed with me even after I finished reading it. Anne Frank: The Biography by Melissa Muller, takes the reader into the life of Anne Frank before her and her family were sent to a concentration camp. This biography takes you into a never before heard story of the Frank’s and the kind of life Anne lived in her home and the annex.

The description for this book was taken from the Goodreads website:

“UPDATED AND FILLED WITH STRIKING NEW REVELATIONS, THE BESTSELLING, “SUPERB” BIOGRAPHY THAT “HONORS IN FULL A LIFE WE THOUGHT WE KNEW” (NEWSWEEK)Praised as “remarkable,” “meticulous,” and “long overdue,” Anne Frank: The Biography, originally published in 1998, still stands as the definitive account of the girl who has become “the human face of the Holocaust.” Full of revelations, Müller’s richly textured narrative returned Anne Frank to history, portraying the flesh-and-blood girl unsentimentalized and so all the more affecting.Now, sixteen years after the book first appeared, much new information has come to light: letters sent by Otto Frank to relatives in America as he sought to emigrate with his family, the identity of other suspects involved in the betrayal of the Franks, and important details about the family’s arrest and subsequent fate. Revised and updated with more than thirty percent new material, this is an indispensable volume for all those who seek a deeper understanding of Anne Frank and the brutal times in which she lived and died.”

Anne Frank and her family were victims of a horrendous crime, where one man decided he was going to murder millions because he didn’t like them. You may have read Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl, which was written by Anne Frank when they were living in the secret annex, and that tells the story from her point of view. But how was her life before the war, and before Hitler. This biography takes you into the life of Anne and her family. This biography will teach you things about Anne that you didn’t know, and will lead you on an unexpected journey. Melissa takes the reader into the life of a young girl, who wants to spend time with her friends, her family, get involved with boys, and wants to be a writer. This book is a must read for anyone who is interested in History, and interested in learning more about one courageous girls life.

Go on a journey with a girl who wants to live her life, but never gets the chance.

10 thoughts on “Anne Frank: The Biography Review”

  1. The Diary of Anne Frank is the reason I majored in history
    I’m a purest though, and have read nothing other than her words and some essays and articles.
    I added this to my list though. When I have time to read, I will!


  2. After my exams I am going to buy this. I loved Anne frank. And this book will give more detailed prospective. I had no idea about this book. Thank you so much .


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