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My Switzerland Trip

Hey Guys!!!

So as promised I decided to add some photos that I took while I was in Switzerland. I can’t tell you how beautiful it was, and the photos don’t really do it justice, but I wanted to give ya’ll a little taste. Their food was fresh, and the coffee was amazing! Although I did have a lot of fun, saw a lot of Switzerland, and was constantly on the go, there is no place like home.

Let’s get the photos started!

Cave 1
Caves in a mountain!
Caves Ent
Waterfall leading to the Caves
More Caves
The best Fondue Ever
Matterhorn 2
Mountain in Interlaken
Snow globe in a mountain

I hope you enjoyed the images I have shared with you. If you have the chance to go to Switzerland, I highly recommend it. The food is amazing, the views are breathtaking, and they speak English!

Go fourth and travel somewhere new friends!

6 thoughts on “My Switzerland Trip”

    1. We traveled everywhere. We saw the Matterhorn, went into caves in a mountain, went to the top of Europe and even visited Zurich. It was very beautiful and not that expensive really


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