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Marilyn Monroe Review

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today is the last day of the week, and the last day for my biography reviews, well for this week. I decided to finish it with the biography of a Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe. The biography Marilyn Monroe by Barbara Leaming, tells you the story of Marilyn and doesn’t leave anything out. There are photos that accompany the story that will give the reader a never before seen glimpse into the life of Marilyn Monroe.

The description was taken from the Goodreads website:

“Barbara Leaming’s Marilyn Monroe is a complex, sympathetic portrait that will forever change the way we view the most enduring icon of America sexuality. To those who think they have heard all there is to hear about Marilyn Monroe, think again. Leaming’s book tells a brand-new tale of sexual, psychological, and political intrigue of the highest order. Told for the first time in all its complexity, this is a compelling portrait of a woman at the center of a drama with immensely high stakes, a drama in which the other players are some of the most fascinating characters from the worlds of movies, theater, and politics. It is a book that shines a bright light on one of the most tumultuous, frightening, and exciting periods in American culture.Basing her research on new interviews and on thousands of primary documents–including revealing letters by Arthur Miller, Elia Kazan, John Huston, Laurence Olivier, Tennessee Williams, Darryl Zanuck, Marilyn’s psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greenson, and many others–Leaming has reconstructed the tangle of betrayal in Marilyn’s life. For the first time, a master storyteller has put together all of the pieces and told Marilyn’s story with the intensity and drama it so richly deserves.At the heart of this book is a sexual triangle and a riveting story that has never been told before. You will come away filled with new respect for Marilyn’s incredible courage, dignity, and loyalty, and an overwhelming sense of tragedy after witnessing Marilyn, powerless to overcome her demons, move inexorably to her own final, terrible betrayal of herself.
Marilyn Monroe is a book that will make you think–and will break your heart.”

While I was reading this book, I cried, I laughed, and I related to some of the things that Marilyn went through. This book makes you view Marilyn in a whole new light, and it makes you re-evaluate what you really know about her. I learned new things that I didn’t know about her, and some of the things she went through seemed to have been over looked to better protect her reputation. No one seemed to understand that Marilyn needed help, and if they would have known the warning signs, I bet they could have saved her life. This biography makes you think about everything she went through, and allows you to see the strong woman she really was.I know this book had me seeing Marilyn in a whole new light. Any fan of Marilyn Monroe needs to read this book. You may think you know everything about her life, but I guarantee while reading this book you will learn a lot of new facts about her.

Come learn the truth behind the smile of one of Hollywood’s iconic leading ladies!

6 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe Review”

  1. Seems interesting! Marilyn Monroe was known for her “dumb blonde” persona, but in reality she was no idiot as far as I know. She was pretty good at working her way around an industry that took advantage their employees during the time. What she did to herself in the end was very sad though.


    1. It was sad, and this book does talk about that. But it also allows the reader to see what she was really going through, and that even though they weren’t together anymore, how much Joe was there for her. She was actually a strong woman who survived a lot of terrible things.

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