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A List of Books That I Read During My Childhood

Hey Everyone!

I have been thinking about my childhood years recently, and decided to do a post about some of the books I read as a kid. When your a child and you first pick up a book, you discover an uncharted adventure where you get to experience so much without leaving the comfort of your house. I remember when I first started reading, and my parents were only too happy to buy me books. I read various mystery books, historical books (geared towards children), and just about every Disney book imaginable. The one’s that are part of a series, I read them all 🙂

Let’s go back into the past my friends!







Image result for i love you forever i like you for always


I know I read more books, but these were the only ones I could remember at this moment in time. Please feel free to share a book from your childhood that you still remember, and still love in the comments below!

Have a fun trip down memory lane readers!

4 thoughts on “A List of Books That I Read During My Childhood”

  1. Childhood books are so special! I used to love the Brambly Hedge series when I was very young because the illustrations were just beautiful and when I was a little older it was The Magic Faraway Tree series that captured my imagination. I’ve hung onto copies of all my favourite childhood books in the hopes I’ll get to pass them on one day.


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