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An Eternity of This Review

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

I am so excited to share this amazing book I happened to stumble upon with you! As previously stated in another post, I love Phantom of the Opera and I love retellings of this amazing story. I came across this book, and let me tell you I couldn’t put it down! An Eternity of This by Amanda Osborne, takes the classic tale of Phantom of the Opera into a direction that you never knew you were missing, until you read this amazing book!

The book description was taken from the Goodreads website:

“The year is 1884 and the Paris Opera House is at last ready to re-open its doors. Answering an advertisement for the position of costume designer and seamstress, Genevieve Devereaux wants only a simple existence and a means to support herself after escaping a troubled and violent marriage. Once a member of the glittering Parisian nobility, Genevieve abandons her old identity and finds in the theater the ideal environment to live in peace and do work she enjoys. A year has passed since the infamous disaster that almost left the Opera in ruins, but beneath the stage in the catacombs below, the supposed madman rumored to be the Opera Ghost still lives. With his life in tatters and his heart mad with grief, Erik finds in Genevieve a woman with her own secrets and everything to lose. Breaking his year-long silence, the Phantom of the Opera takes up his game to resurrect his reign of terror and secure the object of his desperate obsession, the now married Christine de Chagny, using Genevieve as his unwilling pawn. But with each confrontation, a heated tension begins to grow between them, binding them more irrevocably together. As the shadow of Genevieve’s violent past closes in, will finding someone just as broken as he is convince Erik to step off the path that will inevitably lead to his own self-destruction?Inspired by the original novel by Gaston Leroux.”

Genevieve just wants to start her life over, and hide from her ex husband who will kill her if he finds her. When she gets a job as a seamstress at the Opera, she never expected to meet the Phantom of the Opera himself. Erik realizes that he can blackmail Genevieve into helping him survive in his self imposed exile, however as he comes to learn more things about her, he figures out that they are more alike than what he thought. When Genevieve’s life is threatened will Erik come to her rescue or will his blinding love for Christine cause his and Genevieve’s downfall?

This is Amanda’s first novel, and let me start of saying this has easily become one of my favorite retellings to date. Amanda takes you on an amazing adventure, while making you fall in love with the Phantom all over again. This book is told mainly from Genevieve’s point of view, however there are some chapters where you get to read from Erik’s and Genevieve’s exes point of view. I will warn you that there is mention of sexual abuse, and physical abuse within this book. There are also very descriptive sex scenes, however all of this does not take away from the story, but gives it so much more feeling. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will fall in love.

Any lover of the Phantom of the Opera needs to read this book, and I seriously hope there is a sequal, because I want more!

Go past the point of no return my phantoms!

Eternity of This

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