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Author Fun Facts:Anton Chekhov

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Today I wanted to introduce you to an author that I didn’t know anything about until I was in College English. Anton Chekhov is known for his short stories, and plays. I remember we had to take two of his stories and compare them to each other. When we did that I started getting interested in who he was, and more of his stories. I actually have a complete collection on my bookshelf of his short stories.

Let’s get this fun fact list started!

  • Born January 29, 1860
  • He is Russian
  • He actually became a physician, and would offer his patients free services, if they couldn’t afford him
  • When he realized he had Tuberculosis, he refused to tell his family because he didn’t want to worry them
  • At the time of his death Anton was second only to Leo Tolstoy in literary celebrity
  • His short story, The Lady with the Dog, has been called the greatest short story every written
  • He died on July 15, 1904, he was only 44
  • He is seen as one of the people who contributed to modernism theatre
  • He had five siblings
  • When his father bankrupted the family, Chekhov sold some of his families possessions and comics he created to support his mother and siblings
  • He built a clinic, fire station, and three schools for peasants that were affected by cholera and famine
  • All through his literary career, he continued to be a successful doctor

I hope you learned something you didn’t know about this amazing author, and that it interested you enough that you read one of his plays or short stories. My favorite is actually “The Lady with the Dog”.

Go discover a new author my friends!

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov



30 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

3 thoughts on “Author Fun Facts:Anton Chekhov”

  1. And of course, there’s that term named after him: Chekhov’s Gun. It’s such a simple concept, but it’s amazingly effective when done well.


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