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Why I Started My Blog

Hello Readers!

Today I decided that I was going to tell you all why I started my blog. I have been seeing a lot of tweets recently with people stating why they started their blog or they were asking other people that same question. I decided that that is a good idea for a blog post, and that hopefully you all will learn something more about me.

I guess I will start by saying that this isn’t my first book blog. I had another blog with my best friend who was like a sister to me, but with that blog it was always her show, and I would just post a couple of times during the week. We didn’t write for a couple of years on it, and than recently we had a falling out. I decided to end the friendship with her because I figured out that she had started becoming toxic to me, and she had changed so much that I didn’t really have fun hanging out with her anymore. After our friendship ended, I discovered that I missed writing and having a blog, so I decided to create a blog of my own.

I love all things Disney, and knew that I wanted my blog’s title to have something to do with Disney in it. I thought for a while about what I could call it, and had it down to about four different names. I finally landed on I won’t say I’m in love with Reading, because it just sounded right to me, and I also found I kept coming back to it. I started my blog on blogger, but discovered that I wasn’t getting a lot of followers for some reason, and started doing more research. While doing research, I found that a lot of bloggers were using WordPress to host their blog, and I decided to give it a try. Ever since I moved my blog to WordPress, I have more followers than I thought I would have and I discovered that the blogging community looks out for their own, and I owe a lot of thanks to the blogging community for helping me get the followers that I do have.

I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with this blog on my own, and that it wouldn’t be successful, but I have also realized that if you are happy with what you are putting out there, than you are successful in your own right. I love writing book reviews about books I love, and writing all posts book related. Reading is my favorite past time, and I want to share my love of books with everyone in hopes that I can help someone find their next read. Success also takes time and dedication, which I have started getting better at and getting more active on different social media accounts. I have come to realize that blogs don’t blow up with followers over night, and it takes a lot of work, which I am willing to do because I am very proud of my blog. I love this blog and I am so glad that I decided to create it, because I am proving to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to, and I am successful in my own right.

I also have to say that Odette Swan is a pen name I came up with, got the idea from the movie Swan Princess, and I did this because although we had a falling out, I didn’t want to seem like I was stealing followers from my previous blog. That is the only reason I created a pen name, because if this was my only blog, I would use my real name because I am so proud of this blog and what it has become! I hope you have learned something about me and just remember a dream is a wish your heart makes!

Go fourth readers and realize that any dream you can dream can come true!

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2 thoughts on “Why I Started My Blog”

    1. That is true, and I think that ending the friendship was the best thing for me. I will admit that it was hard and is still kind of hard, but I have also found that I am a better person for it. Plus, I created this amazing blog that I am proud of, and can’t wait to see what it becomes in the future!

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