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A List of Some of My Favorite Authors

Hello Everyone!

I find that I am always asked who my favorite author is by people I know when they are looking for a new book. It’s always such a loaded question, because I have several authors that I know whatever they write I will love, and that I always look forward to seeing what they will do next. Every author has their own unique way of writing, and story telling. As a reader, we all have those authors that we turn to when we do not know what to read next, and I am no different. These authors that I am going to list below are the ones that I always turn too, and wait with baited breathe to see what they put on the bookshelves next, except a couple that have already passed, but they are still my favorite. Some of these authors have been around for a while and some have just debuted but I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Let the list begin!

  • Jane Austen
  • Charlotte Bronte
  • Anne Rice
  • A.G. Howard
  • Samantha Young
  • Colleen Helme
  • Nadine Brandes
  • Amanda Lovelace
  • Nikita Gill
  • Amanda Osborne
  • Vanessa Westermann
  • Leife Shallcross
  • Jennifer Laam
  • Joanne Rawson
  • Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Gregory Maguire
  • Christina Bauer
  • Meg Cabot

These are a list of authors that are my favorites. Of course there is always more authors out there and if I added them all to my list it would be a very long post. I fall in love with every author that captures my attention and brings the story to life. As always please feel free to list your favorite author or authors down below!

Go on a beautiful unforgettable journey my readers!

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