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How I Read Books So Fast

Hey Fellow Readers!

So I was asked at work how I could read a book so fast by one of my co-workers, and I decided that it would make for a pretty good post. Everyone has different reading speeds, and everyone has a lot going on in their lives, which means everyone reads differently. Which is fine, is not about how fast you read that matters, what matters is that you are reading. It’s just finding the time to pick up a book, relax, and get lost on an adventure. When it comes to my blog, the books I blog are books that I might have read years ago or more recently. I do that because I wouldn’t be able to read a book than immediately post about it, because it would put a lot of pressure on me to finish, plus I wouldn’t be able to post as many reviews like I want to. To the bloggers out there who can do this, I salute you, because I know that it is one thing I wouldn’t be able to do. Anyways, here are some of the things I do that allow me to read a book pretty quick.

  • During Lunch and Breaks
    • When I am at work I make sure that I always carry a book with me in my purse. When I go on a break or go to lunch, I whip out my book and start reading. This also allows me to relax and think about something other than my job for a little while.
  • In the Bathtub
    • When I want to relax in a nice warm bath, I take my book in there so I can read while I soak. This is another tactic that helps me relax and gives me time to enjoy my book too.
  • Before Bed
    • Instead of watching TV, I like to crawl into bed and read a couple of pages or chapters to help me wind down from the day, and to help my body relax enough to sleep.
  • Anytime
    • So the reason I titled this part the way I did is because you can honestly read anytime you want. I sometimes like to turn off the TV and just get lost in a book while I am sitting at home doing nothing.

What we also need to remember that everyone also reads at different speeds, which is okay because in all honesty reading a book isn’t a competition. Sometimes it may take me a week to read a book but another book may take me two weeks to read. There are some book I can finish in a couple of days, but when I do that it leaves me tired because I stay up way too late to finish. If you would like to know how many words per minute you can read here is a link to a free speed reading test: This test gives you different excerpts from different books that you can read. It will tell you how many words per minute you read and than provide you with the days it would take you to read the other books they have listed. If you want you can chose to share your score below, but you don’t have to. I wanted to know how many words I could read per minute and found this test very useful. I found out that I can read 224 words per minute when I chose one story and read 139 when I chose another. The numbers are different but can kind of give you an idea on how much you can read.

Hopefully the tips above will help everyone with their reading and make more people want to read more!

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8 thoughts on “How I Read Books So Fast”

  1. These are great tips. I audiobook during my 40 min. commute to work, but these tips will help me with my Kindle reads that I never get to.

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