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Finding Home Review

Happy Fri-yay Everyone!

We finished out another week, and I know I can’t wait to relax and sleep in this weekend lol. Today I wanted to review a book that I read a while back but has stuck with me throughout the years. Finding Home by J.L. Paul, is a book about a couple finding love again through hardships and amnesia.

The book description was taken from the Goodreads website:

“Top female jockey, MaKenna Nilsen, suffers a horrific accident which takes away her memories. She’s trapped in an unfamiliar world with people she can’t remember.
Brett Nilsen, shortstop for the Indianapolis Racers, sees Kenna’s accident on an Internet newsreel and hurries to her side. He’s alarmed that she doesn’t remember him but also a little relieved. He hasn’t spoken to her in months and still hasn’t decided whether or not to file for divorce.
When Kenna is released from the hospital, she moves in with Brett, hoping he can help her to regain her memory. As they travel together down memory lane, they rediscover their feelings for each other. One little memory dangles just out of reach – the memory of why Brett left her in the first place.
In the meantime, Kenna struggles with the facts of her accident and the memories she has recovered. She can’t shake the feeling that her accident wasn’t an accident and that someone is still trying to seek revenge.”

I don’t want to say too much about this book, because I am afraid I will give something away if I go beyond the description. This story is told from Kenna and Brett’s point of view, which allows the reader to see two sides to the same story. You get to go down memory lane with the characters as Kenna’s memories slowly come back. You will be wondering right along with Kenna about what could have happened so long ago that drove a wedge between her and Brett. You will laugh, you will cry, you will want to throw it across the room in frustration, but most importantly you get to see two characters trying to repair themselves.

J.L makes the characters feel so lifelike that the story will jump out at you and you will be experiencing all there emotions. The surprise twists you won’t see coming, and everything you think you know will turn out to be something different by the end of the book. It’s got romance, second chances, heartbreak, and mystery all wrapped up in one. If you haven’t read this book yet, I suggest you don’t waste another minute and pick up a copy today!

Go find out if second chances at love are really worth it readers!



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