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Fast Money Review

Happy Friday Everyone!

We have made it to the end of another week, and getting ready for the weekend! I absolutely love the Shelby Nichols series, and have decided to do a review of the second book in this wonderful series. Fast Money by Colleen Helme, takes Shelby on another life and death mission.

The book description was taken from the Goodreads website:

“A trip to the mall gives Shelby the shock of her life when she finds an extra five million dollars in the bank account Uncle Joey set up for her. She thought he was out of her life for good, but with this fast money, she’s not so sure. Now she must decide if she will tell her husband the truth that she can still read people’s minds. Including his. How will he feel when he finds out she lied to him?
When the Mexican Police tell her that Uncle Joey’s been kidnapped and look to her for the ransom, she knows she’s in big trouble. As if that isn’t enough the police detective she worked with needs her help to solve a case, and she unwittingly becomes a witness to murder. In her fight to stay alive, she finds that everyone wants a piece of the money, and just how far they will go to get it, can be a matter of life and death. She just hopes it’s not hers.”

This book takes Shelby on a whole new adventure where she has to use her new found skill again to get mob boss Uncle Joey out of trouble. It takes her to Mexico where a whole new door of trouble opens before her eyes and she will have to try and get out of it again. This book had me laughing and my heart pounding to see how Shelby would get out of trouble this time.

Colleen brings the reader into the story and makes you a friend with the characters. You grow attached to them, and develop crushes on them. Especially Ramos, because oh lord he is one hunk of a hit man. You do need to read the first book in the series called Carrots, to understand how this all started. I will say once I was told about this series, I read the first one and than before I knew it I was ordering the other 10 books in the series so I could read them back to back. Which I did and no joke had this series finished in about a month or so. It had me intrigued from the beginning, and I just finished reading the newest book in the series, book 12. This series has easily become one of my favorites and I hope you love it too.

Go on a dangerous adventure with Shelby and her mind reading abilities my friends!

Fast Money


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