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Author Fun Facts: Charles Dickens

Hey Everyone!

I decided to do another author fun facts post today, and the author I chose is Charles Dickens. I will admit the only thing I know about Charles Dickens, is that he was the author of A Christmas Carole,Oliver Twist, and Great Expectations and although I have only read Great Expectations, I have seen the movies. We all know the story because there have been several movies and they seem to always show them around Christmas time. So let’s all learn something new about Dickens together!

Let’s get the facts rolling:

  • His name “Dickens” was a curse, possibly invented by Shakespeare
  • He may have saved multiple lives of friends and strangers after a train crash
  • He helped create a home for “fallen women”
  • Growing up, he had a difficult childhood and was in and out of school
  • He married Catherine Hogarth in 1836 and together they had 10 children, all of which he gave strange nicknames, such as “Lucifer Box”, “Chickenstalker” and “Skittles”
  • He was one of the first members of “The Ghost Club”, a group in London dedicated to investigating the paranormal
  • He kept a pet raven called Grip
  • As a child Dickens suffered from epilepsy and he was also thought to have had obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Dickens was working on a novel when he died called The Mystery of Edwin Drood
  • He would always sleep facing north
  • He was born on February 7, 1812
  • He published a total of 15 novels during his lifetime
  • His last book The Mystery of Edwin Drood, ends in a mystery, because he had a stroke while writing it and never finished it
  • In 1836, a story by Dickens, The Pickwick Papers was published as a serial. This proved to be very popular and Dickens started to become famous

I hoped that you were able to learn something you didn’t know about Charles Dickens, I know I did. If you are interested to read further on the above facts, please follow the links below to the websites I got these facts from.

Charles Dickens: Interesting Facts and Information

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