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A List Of Books I Wish They Would Turn Into Movies

Hello Again Dearies!

So we all have that one book that after we read it we wish they would turn it into a movie so we can see the plot play out on the screen in front of us. I am aware that sometimes when they turn books into movies they ruin it slightly. I would tell anyone who watched Twilight that while reading the books I pictured Edward so much hotter, but I still enjoyed the book being played out in front of me. I have had several books that I wish they would turn into movies, so I decided to do a post about it.

Here are the books I wish would become a movie!



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This is just some of the books that I wish they would make into movies, although I do have that fear that they could ruin them, but as long as the authors are involved in the process I think these good be big screen hits! If you have a book you would like to be seen turned into a movie, please add it in the comments below!


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