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The Fairy-Tale Detectives Review

Happy Monday Everyone!

So today I decided to do a review on a children’s book that was recommended to me by one of my co-workers, because she knows my love of fairy tale retellings. The Fairy-Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley, is the first book in the Sister’s Grimm series.

The book description was taken from the Goodreads website:

“For Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, life has not been a fairy tale. After the mysterious disappearance of their parents, the sisters are sent to live with their grandmother–a woman they believed was dead! Granny Relda reveals that the girls have two famous ancestors, the Brothers Grimm, whose classic book of fairy tales is actually a collection of case files of magical mischief. Now the girls must take on the family responsibility of being fairy tale detectives.”

When Sabrina and Daphne go to live with their grandmother, who they were originally told was dead, they learn that the town their grandmother lives in is not a normal town. There is magic, fairy tale characters, and secrets hidden all over the town. When their grandmother tells them about their family history, Sabrina is very skeptical and doesn’t believe her or want to believe her. But as things begin to happen and they meet more people, is seems that their grandmother was right. When their grandma gets kidnapped, can the two girls believe in themselves to save her or are they doomed to live a lonely life?

What I loved about this book, is Michael gives the reader hints and insights into the characters, and as you learn who everyone is, you start to see your favorite fairy tale characters. I laughed in this book and the illustrations are beautiful. This is one book that children will love, but also adults who love seeing the fairy tale characters they grew up with in a new light, will love too. No matter how old you are, you should give this book a try, and be re-introduced to the characters you loved growing up with!

Go rediscover your childhood my dear readers!


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