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Once Upon A Beanstalk Review

Hello Readers!

I wanted to keep with the fairy tale theme and review a fun short story that has three stories wrapped into one! Once Upon A Beanstalk by Kate Avery Ellison, is a book full of fairy tale mash ups that will have you enchanted and laughing at the stories she comes up with.

The book description and excerpt comes from the Goodreads website:


Spinning around, Penelope found herself nose to nose with Prince Andrew, former scoundrel, puller of pigtails, and the subject of entirely too many conversations that day. And to her dismay, he had not grown stodgy over the last few years, either. Quite the contrary.

In fact, he had grown shockingly handsome.

The prince’s face broke into a sly smile. “I knew it was you,” he said, leaning one elbow against the railing. “I recognized you the moment I saw the mud on that hem.”

Indignant words filled Penelope’s mouth, but when she glanced at her skirt she saw that it was indeed spotted with mud, probably from her trek through the stables. This was exactly why she hated skirts. They were always getting dirty, and climbing trees in them was a nightmare. She much preferred trousers.

She realized she’d just spoken the thought out loud when Andrew’s smile widened. “If there was any doubt in my mind that it’s you behind that pretty face,” he said, “It’s gone now. You’re still climbing trees, eh? You haven’t changed as much as I thought.”

“Pretty face?” She replied, planting both hands on her hips. “Spare me whatever joke you’re making at my expense.”

“…And apparently you still can’t take a compliment. You really haven’t changed a bit, have you?” Despite the dismayed shake of his head, the prince looked pleased about it, too.

She scowled. “What do you want, Andrew?”

In this humorous collection of fairy tale mashups combining modern day technology with fairy tale sensibilities, Rumpelstiltskin and Red Riding Hood are married and running a royal wedding planner venue, Rapunzel has been rescued from her tower and is about to start her happily ever after, and the Grimm Brothers are a group of notorious thieves who are forced to rescue a kidnapped princess in order to avoid execution.

This collection includes the short stories “Once Upon a Wedding,” “Once Upon a Heist,” and “Once Upon a Beanstalk.”

Approximately 20,000 words in length.”

If you haven’t read this book yet, than you don’t know what you are missing. This is a book you never knew you needed, and with it being a quick read you will  finish it in a day. When I finished it, I wanted more stories about these characters that I came to know and love. Kate takes the reader into the fairy tale world you know, but gives you a twist on beloved characters that fit together like peanut butter and jelly!

Go on a mashed up adventure with your favorite fairy tale characters my readers!


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