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Snow Review

Happy Friday Everyone!

We have reached the end of fairytale week, and I will probably be doing more weeks like this, because I have a lot of fairytale retelling books. The book I am going to end the week with is one that surprised me with how much I liked it. Snow by Tracy Lynn, which is the pseudonym for Liz Braswell, is a retelling of Snow White.

The book description was taken from the Goodreads website:


The Duchess Jessica’s childhood began with a tragedy: her mother’s death. Her father, heartbroken at the loss of his beloved wife, could not bear to raise the child. Largely ignored, Jessica spent the first eleven years of her life running free on the family estate, cared for only by the servants.

Then her father decides to remarry, bringing an end to Jessica’s independence. At first her new stepmother just seems overly strict. But as Jessica grows into a beautiful young woman, it becomes clear that her stepmother is also wildly — and murderously — jealous of her.

Jessica escapes to London. Going by the name Snow to hide from her family, she falls in love with an odd band of outcasts who accept her into their makeshift family. But when her stepmother appears in the city, repentant and seeking her forgiveness, Jessica will have to decide whom to trust…with her life.”

As I have told you before, Snow White was never really a story that I liked that much, and when I picked up this book I decided to give it a chance, which I am glad I did. The way Liz takes the story of Snow White and throws a different spin on it, made me think twice about Snow White. Your favorite characters are back, however there are some new characters that are in the story that make it even more perfect.

It’s filled with magic, mayhem, sacrifice, love, and a sense of family that is made up of some surprising characters. Liz kept the energy of the original, but this is one version of Snow White that you never knew you needed. I couldn’t put it down, and will have to say that I feel in love with the outcasts, and I hope you will to!

Go hide from the huntsman in this unlikely tale my fellow princess and princes!

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