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His Grace Regrets Review

Hey Everyone!

So today I decided to do a review on a historical romance, that had be laughing and crying. His Grace Regrets by Kate Harper, is a historical romance about a second chance at love and forgiveness.

The book description was taken from the Goodreads website:

“When the Duke of Rothington abandoned Cressida Grenville on their wedding day she was completely brokenhearted. How could a love – and a man – she had believed in so completely have been a lie? Morgan disappeared without a word, leaving her to pick up the pieces.
Three years later, Cressida is ready to put the past behind her once and for all. She is about to embark on a new life when she marries Lord Robert Fairlie.
But then Rothington returns and the placid tenor of her life is turned upside down for the sight of him stirs up unwelcome memories. Of love, how it could be. Of passion barely restrained. But more than that, it makes her look for answers to the question that has plagued her for years. Why did he leave her? And why oh why has he come back…”

What would you do if the man that left you in the alter suddenly came back into your life? That’s the exact same question Cressida asks herself when Rothington, the man who left her at the alter, suddenly returns to town. Cressida thought she had moved on from the hurt of being left, but when she runs into Rothington, she realizes that her feelings come back to the surface. What she really wants is answers, but will Rothington give them to her or will she be in the dark forever?

This story is told from both Cressida’s and Rothington’s points of view. The way Kate takes the reader into this magical world is so amazing, because you feel the characters emotions, and you visualize everything in your head while reading. I loved this book, and it made me feel so many different emotions. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, and I cheered. If you love a good historical romance, than you need to read this book as soon as possible!

Go on a journey of forgiveness and truth my dear readers!


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