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My Worst Fear

Hey Everyone!

With Goodreads celebrating horror this week, and this being the month of spooks, I decided to share my worst fear. Of course there are so many things to be scared of: Death, changing careers, taking chances, and so on. Which those are some of my fears, however in keeping with Halloween I decided to share my worst fear, which does include a common Halloween monster.

The Halloween monster that is my worst fear is…….


I am absolutely terrified of clowns, and you will not see me going near one. The one clown that I am especially terrified of is Pennywise, the original not the new one, because the new one kinda looks like a cat. I remember being on an escalator at Comic Con one day and my friend telling me not to turn around, because someone dressed up like Pennywise and was on the escalator behind us, so I didn’t. Why am I scared of clowns, which is a real phobia by the way, you may ask?

Well it all started when I was about 5. While I was at my grandparents house, my mom let me watch “IT”, because I kept bugging her about it. While watching that movie it scared me so much that at that time I had a slight fear of clowns. Now I say slight because at the time that’s all it was. It didn’t become a bigger fear until the next day when we went to the Circus. So ya there was slight trauma involved that made me terrified of clowns, because any clown that can come through storm drainers and shower drains to kill people is creepy.

Oh, and that would be another thing I give a wide berth to, storm drains, I won’t go near them or park near them. You will honestly see me walk around them when I encounter them. Now I will admit I stupidly let one of my friends talk me into seeing the new “IT” movie, but luckily that didn’t scare me, and I actually laughed in it. I still can’t watch the original to this day though. I have tried to watch it to overcome my fear and ya it just made it worse, couldn’t even get through the whole movie.

So there you have it. We all have something that we fear more than anything be it real or creatures. Please feel free to leave your worst nightmare in the comments below if you would like to!

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