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Creature Of The Night Book Tag

Hey Bookworms!

Today I decided to do another Halloween themed book tag, and I scoured the internet until I found the right one to do! I landed on the Creature Of The Night Book Tag and got the idea from Book Loving Nut blog. While reading the questions and the instructions I found that this is a fun and spooky idea for book lovers to do, so I decided to share it with you all today! For each creature that is named you have to choose a book that features that creature in it.

Let’s get this book tag started!

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I think I have to go with the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer here. My favorite one would be Emmett of course. I was never really an Edward fan.


That would be Wolves and Roses by Christina Bauer, because Knox is a major hottie and badass. I instantly fell in love with him.


The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones. This book is crawling with the walking deadish, and there is Bone Goat, who you can’t help but love!


The Architect of Song by A.G. Howard. The ghost that is in this book is funny and sounds kinda hot and possessive.


I have read a lot of good books with these characters in them, but I would have to say Romanov by Nadine Brandes, because the magic ink and the warlock are both amazing in this book.


I have to use my favorite fairy of all time here, Tinkerbell, from Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. She is one pixie with a fiery attitude and a personality to match!


This would have to be Silas from Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson. I don’t know why but although he was a demon, the second I read the book and was introduced to Silas he became my favorite demon.


Luc from The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout because he is one sarcastic, mean, hilarious alien.

Superpowered Human:

That would be Nina from Slayer by Kiersten White, because after all she is the last chosen one, and the last slayer.


Prince Veron from No Man Can Tame by Miranda Honfleur, because he is dark but mysterious and loving all at the same time. Plus he is one heck of a fighter!

If you would like to do this book tag or just answer one of these questions if you have a book that would fit great in these categories, please feel free to add it in the comments below!


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