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Caged Review

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today’s review is going to have a frighting tale due to Halloween being tomorrow! It involves a popular supernatural creature that every knows and loves, werewolves. Caged by Amber Lynn Natusch, is an action packed adventure full of werewolves!

The book description comes from the Goodreads website:

“I stood in the middle of the room, unmoving – I barely breathed. My life had just become surreal, impossible, and one enormous lie. I needed to go, to run somewhere, anywhere to beat back the reality that was rapidly closing in around me. The image of him was burned into my retina, flashing over and over again like a warning. He was trapped somewhere between human and decidedly not, and I realized that was my new reality. I was too.”

After the death of her parents, Ruby awakens from a lifetime of shadows and finds herself alone, thrust into a world of lies, deceit, betrayal and the supernatural.

As her quest for truth continues to come up short, she realizes that maybe some questions really are best left unanswered.

When her true identity is finally unveiled, she is forced to choose between two of the mysterious men who continually seem to crop up in her life.

She chooses poorly.

Now abandoned, Ruby must learn to call on the darkness within to survive, or spend a hellish eternity imprisoned because of it.”

Amber takes the reader into a world of darkness and supernatural creatures, which is the perfect tale to read around Halloween. This is the first book in the series, and it will leave you wanting more. Amber has created these characters that you will instantly fall in love with and will want to be friends with. This is another book that I couldn’t put down, and after I finished reading it, I bought the other books in the series so I could see what happened next. This entire series is amazing, and I highly recommend it.

Go on a hairy, supernatural tale full of werewolves, action, and romance my dear readers!


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