My Goodreads 2019 In Books

Hey Everyone!

I hope that everyone had a safe, relaxing, and fun Christmas yesterday! I got to spend time with my family which is something that I love very much! Today I decided to share with you all my 2019 Goodreads year in books. I love how Goodreads helps you keep track of the many books you have read, pages you have read, and a lot of another fun interesting stuff.

2019 Goodreads Year in Books2019 Goodreads Year in Books 22019 Goodreads Year in Books 32019 Goodreads Year in Books 4

I can’t believe I have read 21,674 pages over 65 books. The average length of the books I have read is 333 pages. I love how Goodreads compiles all of this list so that you can see the things you have accomplished with reading during the year! I have even surpassed my Goodreads goal, which tells me next year, I need to up my reading goal.

If you would like to know how your reading goals are for each year, I would suggest creating a free Goodreads account, so that you can keep track of everything! If you have your goals that you would like to share, please put them down in the comments below.

Happy Reading Everyone!


4 thoughts on “My Goodreads 2019 In Books”

    1. Wow!!! That is amazing that you read 85 plus books! That’s awesome! I love Goodreads because I always mark books that I am interested in reading, and I find that sometimes I forget the title, so I use it as a tool to remind me of the books I want to read and have read!


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