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My Goals For 2020

Hey Everyone!

Since we started a new year, I decided that it was time to set new goals for both my blog and my life. Last year my blog grew more than I expected it to, and I expect 2020 to bring good things to my blog and for it to grow even more.

Here are the goals I have so far:

  1. Grow my blog to 1,000 followers
  2. Read more than 60 books
  3. Come up with new post ideas to help branch out to more people
  4. Not take as many blog breaks as I did last year
  5. Commit more time to growing my blog 
  6. Be more active on social media then I have been
  7. Get my teaching certification completed, and begin teaching by August
  8. Be less stressed, and be healthy
  9. Learn to not let negative people affect my moods
  10. Find more time to be with my friends and make new friends

These are just a few things that I hope to achieve within this new year! If you have some goals that you would like to share, please feel free to do so in the comments below!

Happy Trails and good luck in 2020 my friends!

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2 thoughts on “My Goals For 2020”

    1. Hey you never know. I try to make my reading goals reachable and if I go over them than that’s cool, but I know my limits and I want to still enjoy books I read ya know. I don’t want to fell pressured to finish to meet my goal 😁


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