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The Glass Butterfly Review

Happy Hump Day Readers!

I am bringing you a review of a book by one of my favorite authors! This author never fails to amaze and captivate me with her amazing story telling and writing skills! The Glass Butterfly by A.G. Howard is the third book in her adult paranormal series, and it was so good that I couldn’t put it down!

The book description came from the Goodreads website:

“For close to a decade, twenty-five-year-old Felicity Lonsdale has masqueraded as a dowager almost twice her age—selling caterpillars to butterfly consortiums—enabling her to hide an ill-fated past while raising her late brother’s daughters. Together, the three live on an isolated Irish estate bequeathed by a dying earl. When the earl’s estranged son arrives to claim his inheritance by threatening to expose Felicity’s true identity, she longs to pack up her nieces and run. But a ghostly secret within the castle’s turret holds her captive.

Nick Thornton—a Roma viscount’s heir—is also captive. After a tryst with an investor’s wife nearly destroyed his family’s holiday resort, Nick forsook everything to elope with her. However, a tragic mistake at his hand led to her and his baby’s deaths. Refusing to turn to the family he shamed, Nick travels to seek the countess who once co-wrote a romance with his sister. There’s rumor of a special butterfly in her keep—a transparent-winged species with ties to the afterlife. Nick hopes to contact his dead wife and child, for only their forgiveness can free him.

Upon his arrival to Felicity’s estate, Nick offers to help her defeat the earl’s son, on the condition she allow Nick to investigate her glass butterflies. Felicity agrees, though fears the closer he gets to the ghosts of his past, the closer he’ll come to uncovering her own. As Nick spends time with Felicity and her nieces, he realizes the mystery enshrouding this fragile countess and her castle is more intriguing than the ghosts he originally came to find. And perhaps putting his dead to rest and helping her do the same will be his true path to redemption.”

This book is told from Nick and Felicity’s POVs which gives the reader a more in depth glimpse into the characters and the story. A.G. takes dark and paranormal, and blends them into an amazingly beautiful work of art. She leaves the reader on the edge of their seat with a mystery and a ghost you never see coming. She creates these characters that readers form deep connections with, and once the story is over you want to know what happens with the characters. Nick and Felicity’s past come out slowly as the story progress. The reader gets small glimpses into their pasts, but the whole story comes out when the author wants it to.

What I have always loved about A.G.’s writing is the way she is able to take familiar characters and spin a unique and dark story in the likes that you have never read before. She creates stories that will have readers talking about them over and over again, which in turn brings more readers to her unique writing style. Everything I have read by A.G. I have loved, and this book is no different! I can’t wait to see what her brilliant mind comes up with next!

Go on a haunting adventure with Felicity and Nick as they discover who their ghost is!

The Glass Butterfly

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