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Arranging Your Book Shelf

Happy Friday Everyone!

So, here is another different type of post that I am trying out on my blog. My hopes with these types of blogs, is that my followers and readers will learn a little bit more about me. Now, bookshelves come in all different sizes and everyone keeps their books arranged in different way, which is totally fine. If your like me, sometimes you feel like removing all your books and changing the way they are arranged. Well, I got this feeling on New Year’s day and re-arranged my whole bookshelf.

These are some of the ways that I have arranged my bookshelves!

By Genre (this is currently how my books are arranged)

Now when you chose to arrange books by genre, you have to decide if you are going to keep all books by a certain author together or keep them with their genre. I say this because some authors branch out and write different genres of books. For me, I decide that this time I would keep them in genres. I have my books arranged in the following way: Retellings, YA, Mystery, Contemporary Romance, Poetry, Self-Help, and Biographies. I will tell you when I decided to separate my books like this, I definitely discovered that I have more Retellings then anything lol. To see what my bookshelf looks like today, I have added the picture to the bottom of this post!

By Series and Authors

Now this one may sound a little weird, but it is actually quite simple. I had this arrangement for a long time. I keep all of my series together on the top shelves, and fill them in until I have none left. Now, when I did this even if there were books by the author and not in the series, I included those books together so all my books from the same author could come together. Then once I had the series in, I just kinda started placing the remaining books in the spots until I had all of them on the shelves.

These are the only two ways so far I have purposely arranged my books on the shelves. To keep track of the books that I have not read yet, I have taken to writing them down on a separate sheet of paper, and then when I want to read them I pick them out of the book shelf. If you have a unique way that you arrange your bookshelves, please feel free to share it in the comments below, because I am always looking for ideas and suggestions!

Genre Bookshelf

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