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Why I Love Jane Austen So Much!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I am always talking about how Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors, and I realized that I never explained why. When people ask you who your favorite author is and you tell them, they normally ask you why. People are curious by nature and want to know what makes other people tick. Plus, when you explain why you love an author so much, then you may have a chance of getting the other person interested in the author.

Here are the reasons why I love Jane Austen:

Her Stories

I have read just about all of her books that she has written, and each one has Woman power vibes. I honestly think that she was a writer ahead of her time, because all of her stories, to me at least, show women that we can break from societies mold, and be who we truly are. When I was reading Pride and Prejudice the message that I took from it was you don’t have to bend to what society expects you to be, but although it will be a tough you can be who you truly are where society is concerned. Yes, I know that now women have more rights than what Jane had in her time, however women are still expected to act and be a certain way. Jane broke the mold of her time with her writing, and it’s a shame that her name couldn’t be published on her books until after her death.

Her Lifestyle

Even until her dying day, Jane didn’t succumb to what society expected of her. She did what she wanted to do no matter what people said about her or the consequences. When other women of her time where learning how to keep house and hunting for a husband, Jane was creating beautiful and powerful stories in her family home. There were men that were interested in her, and she gave some of them chances, however she did it on her own terms. Jane didn’t succumb to society’s pressure to find a husband, and she continued to do what she loved. Jane died without ever being married and today her work continues to be read. She did things on her own terms and didn’t care what people thought of her. She never gave up, and to me every one of her stories has a different message, you only have to read it to understand it.

Jane Austen is known today as one of the greatest authors of English literature, and I believe this will continue for centuries to come. I want to leave you with a quote by Jane that to me sums up all the reasons why I love this amazing author:

Image result for jane austen quotes about writing

Until Next Time!



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