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Long Books vs. Short Books

Happy Friday Everyone!

So, we made it another week, and I hope all the stocking up on products that people are doing unnecessarily will stop soon, so everyone can get the items they need. Any whom, today I bring you another type of new post where I give my opinion on Long Books vs. Short Books.

Now, I have read both long books and short books, and I will say I do like them both, but for the purpose of this post, I will break down my opinions on them.

Long Books

So, we have all enjoyed books with 400 pages or more. To me, long books give the author more pages to take the reader on an amazing adventure, and give them more detail. I really like long books when they are apart of a series, because I feel like you can almost get a more in depth story, and in depth character development. The author gets to take their time, and really explore this imaginary world that they created for our enjoyment.

Now, with that said there is a draw back to that as well. I have read some longer books, where I feel like the author may have rushed it to finish it. We have all read that one book where it starts out amazing, the middle is amazing, but then the ending is rushed and not really satisfying. I guess this good be a case where the author had too many ideas for the book, and wasn’t sure where to go or what and just decided to get it over with because they didn’t want to lose the readers interest. But, again that is my opinion and I am not an author, so I don’t know why that could happen.

Short Books

Now, I have read some amazing short books that are less than 400 pages, and they have been really satisfying. This is what I like to reference to as a “quick read”, because normally you can gobble these stories up in a day or two, especially if they are really good and you don’t wanna put it down. Some authors give you so much detail that at the end, you feel very satisfied with how it ended. You got to see the characters grow, you were immersed into their fictional world, and you are just happily satisfied.

Now, like long books there is a down side to this as well. Because a book might be shorter, the author may feel like they are rushed to tie up loose ends or they run out of time to have the character development that want. Then the reader may feel a little dissatisfied, but you also hope that it was the first book in a new series, and we get to see more of these characters.

With both types of books, the reader can be left with wanting more, however that shouldn’t stop you from reading one over the other. I will admit I don’t pick up a book just because of the amount of pages it includes. The first thing I am normally drawn to first is the cover, which will make me pick up the book to see the description, and see if it is something I am in the mood for. I love books that take you on an adventure and make you feel like you went on an amazing adventure at the end!

I would love to hear your comments on long vs. short books, so please feel free to leave them in the comments below or do your own post!

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