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The Book Tower Challenge

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

So, I am back with another book tag post. Except this one is slightly different, but I am always up for a challange. It’s called The Book Tower Challenge, and I found it on Reading, Reading, Reading’s website, which her answers can be found here: So, please go check her answers out as well!


To play you set a timer to 1 minute and 30 seconds to find all the books on the list below. Then you set it again to 1 minute and 30 seconds to put the books in alphabetical order! Lastly count all the books you put in order and that is your final score!

Let’s get this book challenge started!

Book Tower Challange


1. First Book in a Series

The Darkest Star

2. Second Book in a Different Series

Midnight in Austenland

3. A book with blue on the cover

The Upside of Falling

4. A book with 7 letters on it

The Deep

5. A book you’ve never read

Jurassic Park

6. A book with the sky on it

Ramses the Damned

7. A book with the same first letter as your first name

Once Upon A Dream

8. A Classic

Pride and Prejudice

9. Non-Fiction Book

The Romanov Sisters

10. 4 or more Colors on spine


11. #1 New York Times Best Seller

The Diary of Anne Frank

12. The smallest (length times width as well as pages) book on your shelf

The List Lover’s Guide to Jane Austen

13. The last book you bought

Cries From The Lost Island

14. Cover with a face on it

Fight or Flight

15. A spin off

The Beast’s Heart

16. Book published 10 years ago


17. Sequel coming out next year

None, all the books I have their equals come out this year

18. The authors first letter of there first name is the same letter as there last name (i.e. Marrissa Meyer)


19. A book with an epilogue

Kiss of Vengeance

20. A book title made up with a fake word

I honestly don’t have any

My score was 15/2, and man this was a hard but fun challenge. If you would like to accept the challenge of the book tower, please do so because I would love to see your answers and score!

Happy Reading!

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