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A List Of Books Everyone Should Read

Hey Everyone!

So, I don’t know about you all but sometimes when I browse the internet I see all of these lists that different people created of books that you should read or must read. So, today I decided to use one of those websites lists and place some of those books here, just for easy access, and of course as the end of the post I will provide the website, so that you can see the entire list and book descriptions!

Let’s get this list started!

I Capture the Castle

Pride and Prejudice

To Kill A Mockingbird

Jane Eyre

The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

To the Lighthouse


North and South

I hope you were able to find a book that interest you from the list but if not, here is the full list and various book descriptons, where hopefully you can find your next read:

Until next time, stay safe my friends!

5 thoughts on “A List Of Books Everyone Should Read”

  1. I completely agree with To Kill A Mockingbird! But there are a few on here I’m guilty of not reading yet, though Pride and Prejudice is waiting patiently on my TBR….


  2. You’re soooo right!!! It’s the absolute first thing I look for! I’m disappointed when it’s not there and it is sometimes the make or break in deciding to follow or not. I like to see that I have some point of connection with the blogger. And a picture is delightful….especially with the prospect of establishing a relationship with the blogger. Great first post!


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