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Author Fun Facts: Robert Frost

Happy Wednesday!

Today I decided to do another one of my author fun facts posts, and today I chose the poet Robert Frost. This is another author that I honestly don’t know anything about, but I have heard mention of his name, and that’s about it. I decided to pick him, because I wanted to learn more about him, so that I could know more about the man that a lot of people talk about.

Let’s get these fun facts listed!

  • He was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California
  • He was named after the Confederate General Robert E. Lee
  • He dropped out of college twice
  • He sold his first poem for a whopping $15
  • He believed that his most famous poem “The Road Not Taken”, was misinterpreted
  • He was the first poet to read at a Presidential Inauguration, which was JFK’s
  • He has the highest Pulitzer Prize record, due to him winning it four times
  • He contemplated suicide when his wife rejected his proposal the first time
  • His poems were first published in England, than America
  • He was awarded the United States Congressional Gold Medal

I hope you all learned something about Robert Frost that you didn’t already know as I have. As always if you know a fun fact about this poet, please feel free to leave it in the comments below!

References for the facts above, and for further reading please visit these websites:

Robert Frost | 10 Interesting Facts About The Famous Poet

Was Robert Frost a monster? His letters provide insights | Toledo ...

5 thoughts on “Author Fun Facts: Robert Frost”

  1. Thanks for all the facts. After reading your post I went and read, “The Road Not Taken” again. I guess it is up to the interpreter to decide how to decipher each poem. Thanks again for posting this.


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