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My Favorite Genre At The Moment

Hey Guys and Gals!

Today I just wanted to do a short post and tell ya’ll want genre I have randomly been obsessed with lately, and that genre is Romance. I don’t know why but I have really been in the mood for romance’s of all kinds: Contemporary, YA, etc. Like I will read sport based ones, ones I find on Goodreads or on the Target shelves. I try to read a different genre, but I find that I can’t get into it and I come back to romance every time.

A lot of people would say that maybe I wish I was experiencing a romance in my life right now or I am just trying to find an escape from this crazy time we are living in right now or I am a romantic at heart. I think that I am stuck on this genre, because I feel like sometimes readers get in the mood for books in a specific genre and once we find one that captivates us, we read books in it until we reach the point of being tired of it.

I feel like I am stuck on this genre right now because it does make me emotional, and it does take me away from the real world that we are currently living in right now. I guess the main point of this post is that you should never feel judged or ashamed if you get stuck reading books in a specific genre. Because I believe deep down there is something in that genre that you are craving at that moment, and if those are the books that capture your attention than you should read them, and not care what anyone else thinks.

As long as we are reading and find enjoyment in reading that is all that matters! Go on a new adventure my dear book worms, while I get back to my newest and latest romance book!

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