The Book Worm Crush Review

Happy Monday Everyone!

Hopefully, some of you get a long weekend, however I have to work today but the good thing about that is I only work 8 hours and get paid for 16. Anyways, today I bring you a book that I fell in love with and found that it spoke to my soul. The Book Worm Crush by Lisa Brown Roberts, will keep you enthralled, laughing and crying.

The book description comes from the Goodreads website:

“This spinoff of The Replacement Crush featuring Amy and Toff is sure to melt your heart.

Shy bookworm Amy McIntyre is about to compete for the chance to interview her favorite author, who hasn’t spoken to the press in years. The only way to win is to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight, but that level of confidence has never come easy.

The solution? A competition coach. The problem? The best person for the job is the guy she’s secretly crushing on…local surfer celebrity Toff Nichols.

He’s a player. He’s a heartthrob. He makes her forget basic things, like how to breathe. How can she feel any confidence around him?

To her surprise, Toff agrees to help. And he’s an excellent teacher. Amy feels braver—maybe even brave enough to admit her feelings for him. When their late night practices become less about coaching and more about making out, Amy’s newfound confidence wavers.

But does Toff really like her or is this just another lesson?”

I fell in love with Toff and Amy from the start of the book. The story is told from both their POVs, so you get more of the story that way. Plus, all the book references made in this book spoke to the Book Worm that I am, and I found that I got just about every reference made. This is the first book by Lisa Brown Roberts that I have read, and I am very confident in saying this will not be my last. The way Lisa tells a story will draw the reader straight into the pages of the book, and you will feel like you are right there with the characters. I will admit there were times when I screamed at the characters to not be so stupid, but the chemistry between Toff and Amy is undeniable. I devoured this book, and although I loved the story, I was sad to see it end. If your looking for a cute, romance to take you out of the present for a little bit, then you need to pick up this book as soon as possible!

Go on a journey of laughter, love, and self discovery with Amy and Toff my readers!

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