Author Fun Facts: Alice Walker

Hey Guys!

Today, I decided to do another author fun facts post, and to spotlight another amazing African American writer, Alice Walker. I have to admit I don’t know that much about her, so I decided to do this post to bring more about Alice to everyone else. I believe that bringing these facts about authors to light, will get more readers interested in reading their works.

So let’s get these list of facts started!

  • She was born in February 9, 1944
  • She is best known for her work “The Color Purple”
  • She won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
  • When she was 8 years old, Walker was shot in the right eye with a BB pellet while playing with two of her brothers. Whitish scar tissue formed in her damaged eye, and she became self-conscious of this visible mark
  • She graduated from high school as class valedictorian
  • After college, Walker worked as a social worker, teacher and lecturer. She became active in the Civil Rights Movement, fighting for equality for all African Americans
  • Two years into her education at Spelman College Alice Walker was given a scholarship to Sarah Lawrence College in New York
  • Alice Walker’s second novel titled Meridian was released in 1976. It was based on civil rights movement activists
  • Alice Walker met Martin Luther King Jr. in the early 1960s when she was studying at Spelman College and took part in the March on Washington in 1963. She cites him as her inspiration to become an activist in the Civil Rights Movement
  • Alice Walker has won many awards including the National Book Award for Fiction in1983, the Candace Award Arts and Letters in 1982, the O. Henry Award for Kindred Spirits in 1985, honorary degrees, various fellowships, and was inducted into the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame in 2001

I hope you all learned something about this amazing author like I did. She is a wonderful woman and writer, that needs to be recognized for her amazing talent.




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