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The Beast’s Ruined Bride Review

Hey Readers!

Can you believe we are in the last week of 2022 and that we are almost in 2023? Like where did the year ago? Although, I will admit that I am happy 2022 is almost over, because it has been a rough year for me and my family. Today I have a review of a Historical Romance for you that is a quick read.

When your fiancé’s father takes advantage of you, and you don’t know who to trust…

So you seek out your old childhood friend, who’s gone on to become the most feared criminal in London.

Nervous, you knock on the door. And when he towers over you, caging you in against the doorframe, you tremble. But then his dark gaze rakes over you, and heat flares in his eyes as he growls, “Who did this to you?”

Bella Moxie creates this amazing leading man, who you don’t want to mess with. For some reason these kind of men capture my attention quickly, and I am talking about the rough men, who will protect the woman they love no matter what. She also creates a main female character, who finds the strength to stand up for herself. This really isn’t a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, so please don’t go into this book thinking that. This is a short read and actually goes by pretty quick. Now I will warn you there are triggers in this book like rape, violence, and such, so please read with caution if these are something that bother you. I want you to enjoy this book, so please read with caution.

Happy Reading!

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