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Anastasia Review

Hey Fellow Bookworms!

I hope that everyone has had a good 2023 so far and that you all have been reading some great books. If you read a book that you loved, please feel free to put it in the comments, because I am always looking for good books! Today I have an awesome book that I recently read and loved every minute of it!

“Anastasia is the princess no one needs: the fourth daughter born to an emperor without a son, and the only royal lacking a magical gift.

Until she collides with a young Cossack rebel, changing both their lives forever.

Damien is taken from everything he knows and raised as a ward of the Romanovs.

Anastasia develops a strange kind of magic shared only by the Black Monk Rasputin.

While her power grows in secret, boosted by forbidden contact with Damien, Anastasia makes a mistake with terrible consequences.

Fate grants her a single chance to set it right… but saving what she lost may cost everything she loves.

The Lark Notes:
I think what captivates us about Anastasia is our dream of what could have been. Anastasia’s death was so tragic, I wanted to give her another life.

This book is not a retelling of any other Anastasia story. It’s set in 1919 in a world similar to ours, but with magic. My next series will be a vampire family saga set in the modern version of that same world.

This is my fantasy of the happy ending Anastasia deserved. Not because she was a Romanov, but because she was a human. I want all of you to have the happy ending you deserve – it’s why I love writing romance. –Sophie

“Anastasia” is an epic enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance. It is intended for mature readers and contains spicy scenes not suitable for all.”

Sophie Lark gives Anastasia a happily ever after and this story was beautiful. We all know the horrible tale of the Romanovs and Sophie doesn’t disrespect that at all. I loved this book so much. It had information that we knew about the Romanovs and the people that entered their lives, but Sophie throws magic, the supernatural, and drawings to help this beautiful story come to life. It is told from two points of view and it will leave you guessing until the very end. I absolutely adored this book and loved that Anastasia got the happily ever after that was ripped from her at such a young age. Give this book a read and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Until next time, happy reading!

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