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Unbirthday Review

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend! I know I spent my weekend relaxing, reading, and watching movies that I own, but never watched. Today I bring you a retelling of one of my favorite books!

“The 10th installment in the New York Times best-selling A TWISTED TALE series asks: What if Wonderland was in peril and Alice was very, very late?

Alice is different than other eighteen-year-old ladies in Kexford, which is perfectly fine with her. She’d rather spend golden afternoons with her trusty camera or in her aunt Vivian’s lively salon, ignoring her sister’s wishes that she stop all that “nonsense” and become a “respectable” member of society. Alice is happy to meander to Miss Yao’s teashop or to visit the children playing in the Square. She’s also interested in learning more about the young lawyer she met there, but just because she’s curious, of course, not because he was sweet and charming.

But when Alice develops photographs she has recently taken about town, familiar faces of old suddenly appear in the place of her actual subjects―the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, the Caterpillar. There’s something eerily off about them, even for Wonderland creatures. And as Alice develops a self-portrait, she finds the most disturbing image of all―a badly-injured dark-haired girl asking for Alice’s help. Mary Ann.

Returning to the place of nonsense from her childhood, Alice finds herself on a mission to stop the Queen of Hearts’ tyrannical rule and to find her place in both worlds. But will she able to do so . . . before the End of Time?”

This is such an amazing retelling of Alice and Wonderland, that it will leave you guessing until the very end! Liz Braswell does a wonderful job of bringing the characters we all know and love and turning them into new characters in this story. Liz still keeps the wonder and amazement of the original story, but puts this amazing twist on this story that you never knew you wanted. I feel in love with the characters and the story, so much that I had a really hard time putting this book down! If you love Alice and Wonderland and twisted tales as much as I do, you need to read this book ASAP!

Happy Reading!

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