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To Have And To Howl Review

Hey Everyone! So, today I bring you a paranormal romance, that I read in like two days! It was so good and sucked me in so fast, that I couldn't put it down. To Have And To Howl by A.E. Jones, had me laughing, crying, and rooting for one of the best couples I have… Continue reading To Have And To Howl Review


Unravel The Dusk Review

Hey Everyone! So, I know I disappeared there for a while, and I apologize, I have just had a lot going on lately. I finished my teaching classes, and found a job as a middle school teacher, which I am very excited about! I was stressing over that because I didn't have a definite yes,… Continue reading Unravel The Dusk Review

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The Fire King Review

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We have officially reached the week of Halloween and I couldn't be more excited! Today I am going to be doing a review of The Fire King by Amber Jaeger. This is a wild action packed adventure that will leave you breathless and wanting more! The book description… Continue reading The Fire King Review

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The Bone Houses Review

Hey Readers! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We finally got fall like weather in Texas, so I couldn't be happier! Today I am going to review an amazingly, spooky book that I couldn't put down, and still have a book hangover from. The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones, is an adventure that none you have… Continue reading The Bone Houses Review

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Lie or Die Review

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope everyone's week was a good one so far, and that everyone's weekend is a relaxing and fun one! Today I am going to be reviewing the third book in the Shelby Nichols series. Lie or Die by Colleen Helme, is the third installment of this amazing series, and it is so action… Continue reading Lie or Die Review

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Rock Radio Review

Hey Readers! Today I wanted to review a book that I read a while back, and I thought you all would enjoy as a fun quick read. Rock Radio by Lisa Wainland, takes the reader on a rock n' roll journey of a lifetime. She intertwines three characters lives into one amazing, sizzling story that will have… Continue reading Rock Radio Review

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Written In Red Review

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and I hope you all have a great week this week. Today I wanted to review a book that had me hooked from the very beginning and wouldn't let me go. Written in Red by Anne Bishop, takes the reader into a supernatural world were every supernatural… Continue reading Written In Red Review

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Fast Money Review

Happy Friday Everyone! We have made it to the end of another week, and getting ready for the weekend! I absolutely love the Shelby Nichols series, and have decided to do a review of the second book in this wonderful series. Fast Money by Colleen Helme, takes Shelby on another life and death mission. The book description… Continue reading Fast Money Review

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Red Hill Review

Happy Hump-Day Readers! I have started to notice that the books coming out lately deal with zombies, and there are a lot of TV shows out there with zombies. So, I decided to introduce everyone to an amazing book that involves zombies and the apocalypse.  Red Hill by Jamie McGuire, is an action packed zombie filled adventure… Continue reading Red Hill Review

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Safe House Review

Happy Wednesday Everyone! The book I chose to review for you today is filled with secrets, action, sexy men, and female characters that know how to take care of themselves. Safe House by Traci Hunter Abramson will take the reader on an adrenaline filled adventure with romance, fighting, and suspense. The book description was taken from the Goodreads website:… Continue reading Safe House Review