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Disney Princess Hair Book Tag

Hey All You Book Worms! I have decided to do a book tag today, and whats better than doing another book tag with a Disney theme to it! I mean come on my blog's name is based off of a Disney song, so I found the Disney Princess Hair Book Tag and couldn't be more… Continue reading Disney Princess Hair Book Tag

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Book Spine Poetry

Hey Guys! So, this is another post that I found while perusing the web looking for new book blog ideas, and thought that this would be a good post to try. Now it doesn't have to rhyme, you just have to try to create a poem from the books on your shelf using their spines.… Continue reading Book Spine Poetry

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A List of Romeo and Juliet Retellings

Hello My Dearies! So, I was trying to figure out what my next post would be and while watching "Gnomeo and Juliet", I decided why not do a post with Romeo and Juliet retellings. The story of Romeo and Juliet has been told over and over again. There have been many books, and movies made. It is… Continue reading A List of Romeo and Juliet Retellings

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A List Of Books You Should Read At Least Once

Hey Fellow Bookworms! I have been trying to think about what new posts I could do on my blog that I haven't done before, while thinking I was also doing a quiz and had a good idea. There are several lists out there on the internet that someone came up with that says which books… Continue reading A List Of Books You Should Read At Least Once


Juliet: A Review

Happy Wednesday! My favorite play by William Shakespeare has and always will be Romeo and Juliet. So today, I am going to be reviewing Juliet by Anne Fortier. I remember the day I picked up this book, I was walking around the bookstore looking for my next adventure when the title jumped out at me. I… Continue reading Juliet: A Review