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Taking A Hiatus

Hello Readers! I wanted to let you know that this would be my last post until April 1st. I will be leaving for Switzerland tonight, and while I am away I won't be posting. I love this blog, and with me being the only one to run it, I wouldn't have time to post anything… Continue reading Taking A Hiatus


Why I Don’t Write Bad Reviews

Happy Sunday Everyone! I saw another book blogger doing this and I decided that it was a good idea to do a post like this. I pride myself on being honest when it comes to book reviews, and the books that I have revived are my honest opinions. However, some people may be wondering why… Continue reading Why I Don’t Write Bad Reviews


New Announcement!!!!

Happy Sunday Readers!! I am going to try something new with my blog. I have been doing three posts a week, however I am now going to add two additional days. I will be releasing posts Monday thru Friday. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will still be book reviews. Tuesday and Thursday, I will be adding new… Continue reading New Announcement!!!!