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Book Spine Poetry #2

Hey Everyone! So, we are almost to the end of the week, and I decided to try my hand at the book spine poetry again. My first one can be found here: This is actually a pretty fun and challenging post! Here is my second created poem using book spines! The poem as seen… Continue reading Book Spine Poetry #2

Blog must have tags

Soul Ripping Romance Book Tag

Hey Readers! Yes, I am back to doing another book tag, but hey what can I say, I love doing book tags and find them very fun! Today's book tag is the Soul Ripping Romance Book Tag, which I found on Literary Elephant's website, which their answers and original post can be found here:… Continue reading Soul Ripping Romance Book Tag


As Dust Dances Review

So I have been a fan of Samantha Young, ever since I first read On Dublin Street. Samantha draws you into her stories and makes you feel exactly what the character is feeling, and her characters are real. She writes roller coaster books that make you cry, laugh, get mad, and happy all while reading.… Continue reading As Dust Dances Review